From the recording King of the Rockin' Blues


Yeah! Ha ha . . . Man, I got a li'l story I wanna tell ya, check it out . . .

Way on down in Texas,
they got some guitar playin' fools,
pretty women, tequila and cactus
and a few armadillos, too!
Up 'round Henrietta,
there was a young boy learnin' the moves,
with 'a one big aspiration . . .
become King of the Rockin' Blues!
(damn . . . that boy can play! Whoooo!!)

Well, a few short years later
that young boy became a man.
He hooked up with some buddies,
and pretty soon, they had a rockin' band!
They played juke joints way past midnight,
and ev'ry honky tonk under the moon . . .
in a two tone, beat up Chevy,
they had fun while payin' dues!
(Let's go! Amarillo! Dallas! Jackson, Mississippi!
next stop, New Orleans! Macon, Georgia, Baton Rouge!)

London, Paris, Amsterdam,
he went worldwide singing the Blues!
A Royal Command Performance . . .
at the Royal Bash Boogaloo!
Raisin' the roof off the palace,
everybody kickin' off their shoes,
dancin' all night to the swinging sounds
from the King of the Rockin' Blues!!

Words and music by Gregg Wright
© 2009 Left Hook Music (ASCAP)All rights reserved