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Gregg Wright: GW'S BLOG

I've had the blessing and pleasure of a 40 year music career. I make a living doing what I love most . . . creating and playing music. It's carried me to every corner of the earth. I've met and worked with some of the most fascinating and amazingly talented people on this planet, too numerous to name. This is not by chance. I work very hard at being the very best "professional" musician I can be. If you want a career playing music, here are ten tips that can help you acheive and maintain that goal:1. Practice Makes Perfect: There is no substitute for hard work and getting to know your instrument inside out. Hit the "woodshed." You want to be able to play easily and smoothly, whatever an artist or producer asks of you. Also, some music theory and learning to read music can really be helpful in landing paying gigs and sessions. 2. Always Be On Time: This is one of the two most important marks of a true professional. Music is a business and runs like any other business [...]
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I'm a true believer in music's power to bring people together. During my career, I've seen music overcome national, ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic barriers in ways politicians can only dream of. For me, music's true purpose is bringing people together!
Music, art and culture are important elements in the human experience. They are the means by which societies identify, express and ultimately heal themselves. In today's world, this is increasingly cross cultural.  Musicians (real ones, not "Rock Stars!") are a little like Shamans . . . part Preacher, part faith healer. We use our gift to lift the mind, body and spirits of humanity. Musicians touch lives in many profound ways. Sir Bob Geldof's Live Aid, which raised millions of dollars to fight famine in Africa, comes to mind. Same with Michael Jackson and a host of other great music artists, with "We Are The World."
Music is so much more powerful than we here in [...]
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