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Gregg Wright: PHOTOS

At the House of Blues with the New Fret-King GWR Signature Guitar
At the Fret-King Booth, N.A.M.M. 2013, Anaheim, CA
The Fret-King Black Label Corona GWR Gregg Wright Signature Model by Trev Wilkinson, 2013.
Gregg Wright @ the Chicago Blues Festival, Bagneaux, FR
GW relaxing backstage in France. © Xavier Chertier
GREGG WRIGHT @ The 2009 Monterey Bay Blues Festival (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Gregg Wright onstage in Europe!
Chicago Blues Festival, France
RON BATTLE - BASS (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Rockin' Blues in the U.K.! (Norwich, England)
NORMAN WEATHERELY - KEYBOARDS  (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Gregg Wright onstage during the Victory Tour with the King of Pop, THE GREAT Michael Jackson!
Norm relaxing @ The Delta Blues Festival, Antioch, CA
Ron Battle's "Terrible Towel" technique! (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Blues In Broad Daylight!!
Back In the Day: Gregg Wright & Edward Van Halen backstage during the Jackson's Victory Tour

The 2009 Chicago Blues Festival, Europe

Buthel (Bass) & Zac Harmon on the Chicago Blues Tour, Paris, FR
Cedric Goodman (drums) and Corey Lacy (keyboards) of the Zac Harmon Band arrive in Paris, FR for the Chicago Blues Festival.
Gregg backstage waiting to go on, Cleon, France
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