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Gregg Wright: PHOTOS

The Fret-King Black Label Corona GWR Gregg Wright Signature Model by Trev Wilkinson, 2013.
Gregg Wright @ the Chicago Blues Festival, Bagneaux, FR
GW relaxing backstage in France. © Xavier Chertier
GREGG WRIGHT @ The 2009 Monterey Bay Blues Festival (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Chicago Blues Festival, France
RON BATTLE - BASS (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Rockin' Blues in the U.K.! (Norwich, England)
NORMAN WEATHERELY - KEYBOARDS  (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Gregg Wright onstage during the Victory Tour with the King of Pop, THE GREAT Michael Jackson!
Norm relaxing @ The Delta Blues Festival, Antioch, CA
Ron Battle's "Terrible Towel" technique! (photo by Michael M. Cohen/
Blues In Broad Daylight!!
Back In the Day: Gregg Wright & Edward Van Halen backstage during the Jackson's Victory Tour

The 2009 Chicago Blues Festival, Europe

Buthel (Bass) & Zac Harmon on the Chicago Blues Tour, Paris, FR
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